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it’s impossible to walk by this place without stopping for something.  

DJ Tommy Dean's annual "Christmas Is For Kids" show is a "knockout!"  

Some drove for four hours to get there, and some lived right in town, but they came in large numbers to fill the American Legion Hall in Trenton, ME, for Tommy's annual fundraiser for kids. More tomorrow from Tommy on how well the show did. Today, the entertainment was so good that the audience got to its feet several times to applaud the great performances by the artists who put on a superb show. Flying in from Ohio was Andrew Dean, and what a show he put on today. Andrew sings every song well. He's got a vocal range that can compete with the late, great, Roy Orbison. Doc Morrill and the Down Home Country Band was sensational with a variety of traditional country standards that had some of the folks up and dancing. Stevie and Deb Cee, with their mix of great songs, comedy, and on-stage-fun, had everybody in the hall grinning from ear to ear with their outstanding performance. I've heard "Jackson" many times by June and Johnny Cash, and nobody does it better than they do, but a close second would have to be Stevie and Deb. Gary Mitchell, "The Down East Gentleman," along with his band, treated the audience to some of the best oldies ever recorded. Pard and Lisa Higgins delivered their duets to a very appreciative audience. And eleven year old Brian Philip Wardwell, who did a fabulous job of emceeing the show, never sounded better with his timely Christmas songs. What a great show performed by such wonderful artists in a very warm and welcoming setting. Congratulations to Tommy Dean for pulling this all together. When Tommy stages a show, people come. They just jump into their vehicles and they come, show after show after show.  (review by Jim Flynn)