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If it’s breakfast you want, you've got it.   What's on the breakfast menu?   How about wild Maine blueberry pancakes with blueberry topping.   Or maybe you'd prefer fresh omelets with a variety of choices such as ham and cheese, lobster, or crab meat.    Yes, of course, there are breakfast sandwiches with a great cup of coffee that will get your day going.   And there are side orders galore ranging from fresh fruit to bacon, sausage, dry cereal, home fries, and corned beef hash.   Having breakfast at the Cottage Street Bakery and Deli while the sun is coming up over Mount Cadillac is pleasant, fun, and relaxing, -- and unforgettable plus breakfast in available all day.   Breakfast

Sure you can come back for lunch and dinner.   Why not!   The sandwiches both on and off the grill will keep you well fed for as long as you stay in Bar Harbor.   Who can pass up a delicious luncheon menu that offers roast beef, turkey, ham, pastrami, BLT’s, chicken, corned beef, tuna, liverwurst, meat loaf, humus, salami, crab meat and lobster rolls, hamburgers, haddock, Rueben's, and New York style Rueben's, too.   Each of these scrumptious sandwiches are served with your choice of a pickle spear with potato salad, cole slaw, or potato chips.  French fries are also available.  --  What's that you say,  you'd rather have just a salad for lunch?   The Cottage Street Bakery can do that, too.  You can choose from a chef's salad, a Greek salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, --  fresh, out of this world, Maine crab meat salad, --  and fresh, straight from heaven, lobster salad.   Salad dressings abound with the likes of Balsamic Vinaigrette, French,  Italian, and Ranch-lite.

Lunch & Dinner

Beverages to accompany your meal range from coffee and tea to soda, juices and water.  The option of picking up some box lunches for any occasion such as a trip up the mountain or a walk down by the water is available.  Box lunches are made to order and include your choice of sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie, chips or fresh fruit, and a dill pickle.        

There is even a children's menu.  Children's

In addition to full breakfast and lunch menus, the Cottage Street Bakery and Restaurant makes birthday cakes to order and have a variety of items you can enjoy at home.

Is this all there is to the fabulous Cottage Street Bakery and Deli? --  Probably not.   Don't be surprised to find other goodies like fresh bread, quality deli meats, the tastiest birthday cakes on the planet, danishes, “big” cinnamon rolls, fruit pies, cookies, and other tasty delights.  

Whenever you're in Bar Harbor, the Cottage Street Bakery is one stop you'll want to make.  But pleased by warned that if you do make that one stop, you'll be hooked and will find yourself going back again and again and again.     The food in this bakery and deli is that good!